Please hold…

Have you ever been on a business call and before you were able to talk to a “real” representative, and you were place on hold? Most of the time, being placed on hold usually consists of some music playing in the background while you wait your turn. However, I’ve come to notice that the holding period is much more pleasant when the music itself is pleasant. Sometimes, I fail to realize just how much time has gone by so long as the good music has pacified my impatience.

During those rare occasions when I actually like the tunes being played over the phone (and believe you me, they are very RARE), I do find myself humming the catchy melody and moving my shoulders to the repetitive beats. Before you know it, a representative has answered on the other end, throwing me out of my musical trance with the words, “Hi, how may I assist you?”

This blog post isn’t to talk about the many woes of being placed on hold, neither is it to highlight the few good things that come from being on hold. (Other than good music, the only thing left that is good about being placed on hold is having enough time to gather all of your account information together before the rep answers the line—that is if you haven’t done so already.) Recent life events have helped me put things in perspective.

I’ve been waiting on certain events to take place in my life, and I feel like I’ve been waiting FOREVER. I started to think about the equivalent of waiting on hold during a telephone call. Then that got me to thinking about what if there was a way to make the waiting process of real life more pleasant and less painful. And then it hit me. The way good music can ease the horrors of being placed on hold during a phone call, is the same way positive thoughts can ease the horrors of the waiting process.

Let’s be honest, the waiting process is tough. And what makes it even tougher is focusing on the time you are waiting, sort of like when you staring at the clock on your cell phone noticing how long the representative has kept you waiting. But wouldn’t it be great if we could use positivity as the “good music” in our lives to ease waiting periods? I mean, dwelling on the negative never helped anyone, but thinking positive would make the waiting process feel not so torturous.

Just imagine, you staying positive, keeping the faith, and then BOOM—before you know it, you’ve accomplished that goal or that dream you wanted. I think that’s a better alternative than focusing on what hasn’t happened, how much farther you’ve got to go, and how long you’ve already been waiting. It’s easier said than done but ultimately, we control the playlist of our lives. Positivity or negativity, which have you been listening to lately?

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