Divine Inspiration

It’s hard to write—it’s even harder to write consistently. I’m sure my fellow bloggers understand that painstaking moment of writer’s block. What’s even more torturous is the lack of inspiration. Whether you’re a writer, an artist, or a musician—inspiration is everything. It gets your creative juices flowing. What do you do when the inspiration well runs dry? I’ve learned that I’ve had to stop pulling my inspiration from things or circumstances because they are constantly changing. In order to consistently be creative and remain inspired, you need to pull from something more stable.

Life gets tough and you undergo some major struggles. Sometimes you end up not feeling as your most inspirational self. I have learned that if I plan on consistently blogging, I need to tap into a resource that is constantly inspiring. While having a discussion with some friends, I had an epiphany. The only way that I can continue to give encouragement through my blog is to tap into my source—God. God is my inspiration. He is the only constant that has remained in my life. Trends change. People change. Circumstances change. He remains the same. I didn’t mention this to go into a debate about religion or the existence of God; you’re entitled to believe what you want to believe. I’m telling you what I know to be true for MY inspiration.

If I tried to draw inspiration just from how my day went, on some days I wouldn’t have anything to talk about. I’m no longer drawing from my day, but I’m drawing from God. I feel that if I stay tapped into God and keep building my relationship with Him, there will always be something new and encouraging to talk about, even on my bad days. There were times in my life where I went through some emotionally dark places, but He was the only one that got me through. It’s hard to describe but even on my darkest days, I know He’s there for me, and THAT is inspiring.

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