Supersize It

Me, enjoying my french fries.

My father and I sometimes go hang out and grab a bite to eat. Sometimes I’ll buy, and sometimes he’ll buy. Anytime my dad says that he’s buying this time, I joke with him and say, “Well in that case, Supersize it!”  Since I would be depending on his wallet and not my own, I want the boundaries to be endless, well . . . at least to the extent that the menu allows.

Recently I started to wonder, what if we had that no holds barred mentality when it comes to God and our dreams? In our minds, we have these structured, miniscule plans, while God’s plan could be to take us bigger and better than we initially planned. We just have to put our trust in Him. There’s nothing too hard for God. Your dreams are big, but they can be even bigger. Lean on Him and depend on His provision. Take the limits off. He can do above what you can imagine. We need to depend on God’s provision, not our own.  Pray and ask God to supersize it.

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