The Next Time You’re In L.A. . . .

So recently, a few friends and I went on a trip to Los Angeles for birthday shenanigans. None of us are originally from there, but my friend wanted to do something different for her birthday, so we did. We ended up having an incredible time and I left feeling truly inspired. Here, I’ve listed some inspirational takeaways from this trip that I hope you too will experience the next time that you happen to visit L.A.


Lovely Art

The city of Los Angeles is just bursting with creativity. There are gorgeous murals to be found all over the city that are not only Instagram worthy, but memory worthy. What would typically be a plain wall in another city splashed with beige paint, is filled with color and artistic design in L.A. Even the architecture of the buildings were artistically inspiring. And the performing arts were just as interesting, from stumbling across the occasional solo musician on the sidewalk to the high-energy street acrobats. The art was truly a sight to see for any  individual who is in need of some inspiration to get creative again.

From top to bottom: California Dreaming wall, Unknown (location Venice Beach), and the Love wall
Top: Michael Jackson (I know those Jackson eyes anywhere lol.) Bottom: Mike Tyson (location-  Frank’s Chop Shop Barbershop)
Petersen Automotive Museum

Live Adventurously

My time in L.A. was truly an adventure. My friends and I didn’t really have anything planned; we sort of just went with the flow. Normally, my analytical and logistical self would have freaked out with so much spontaneity because I’m a planner at heart. However, I had been so exhausted from previous weeks at work that I was not about to spend what little energy I had left to make suggestions for an itinerary. Thus, we came, we saw, . . .we had fun!

Each day was an adventure. It was as if God was guiding our adventure since we took the limits off. I’m sure if we were on a stricter schedule, we would have missed out on a ton of events that were happenstance because we were in the right place at the right time. We met all kinds of people, visited interesting places all without having a schedule. The amazing food spots we came across . . . totally unplanned. Which brings me to my next point . . .

Lingering Appetite

This trip had to be possibly one of my best food experiences ever, which is saying a lot because I have quite a few trips under my belt and I consider myself a total foodie. We went to a lot of local spots and even made friends with restaurant owners along the way. The next time you’re in L.A., you have got to try this hip new breakfast spot called, “Hash.” (The name even sounds cool, right?) Typically, I’m not into breakfast food. I’m very particular with how my eggs are prepared. Plus, I usually don’t find breakfast food to be filling or full of variety so I tend to avoid those type of spots when eating out. Well, the Hash proved me wrong.

It did not have your basic breakfast menu of eggs, bacon and sausage, but it consisted of exotic dishes with multi-cultural inspiration. They had everything from the sweet tasting Acai bowl to the Carrot cake, cream cheese drizzled Belgian Waffle. (And I didn’t even get to try that one, so I MUST return.) And let me tell y’all how this Chiquitas & Gringos dish blessed my life . . . . This dish had tortilla chips, eggs, cheddar cheese, pickled onions, salsa verde and red chili crema. You could choose the protein to be added. I selected the braised beef, which was tender beyond belief. That no doubt had to be one of the most savory dishes that I’ve ever had from a restaurant in my entire life! Not only that, but the staff was super nice and the environment was really relaxing. We met the owners, who I also found to be awesome, and turns out they own ANOTHER restaurant. So, guess where my friends and I headed for dinner? Yep, that’s right. We cruised on over to this trendy greek restaurant called, “Rodini Park.”

Prior to attending this spot, I had never had Greek food in my life, but I found the experience pleasing to say the least. I had gyro, rice, and pita bread topped with chipotle sauce and olives, tomatoes and feta cheese on the side. I washed it all down with a nice refreshing glass of Rosemary Lemonade. And before you could say the word, “OPA!” there I was downing a piece of Baklava cheesecake and another piece of yummy custard dessert. I left stuffed! Now that I’ve returned back to “life as usual”, my appetite for that great tasting Los Angeles cuisine still lingers. It’s a bit of a bummer now that I’m home, but at the same time, it motivates me to take on more food adventures next time around.

Left: Chiquitas & Gringos dish, Top Right: Baklava cheesecake, Bottom Right: custard dessert (Sorry guys, so busy stuffing my face that I forgot the name.)

Laugh Always

It was great to reconnect with friends. Though we are typically separated by several states, it’s always beautiful to reconvene in one place and pick up where we left off. We cracked jokes and laughed until we couldn’t anymore. Each of us spoke of how we hadn’t laughed so hard in so long due to the many curveballs life had threw at us. After experiencing a rough period in your life, there is something about laughter that can be so comforting. To quote my friend, S. Lynn, “I laughed. I laughed. And I laughed.”

Leave Astounded

Being in L.A. sparked something in me. I left feeling exhilarated and rejuvenated. My creativity was re-energized. I now have an appetite to be more artful, to taste adventure, and to share laughter. It is my hope that you too get to experience something so inspiring even if it happens to not be in L.A. As for me, I hope this feeling doesn’t fade. Nevertheless, just in case I need to re-up on my sparkle, L.A. is only a plane ride away.


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