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Why Tunnel Vision Might Not be a Good Thing

People have often said that one should have tunnel vision in order to achieve their dream. While focus in and of itself isn’t a bad thing, having a limited view is. It is possible to zero in on a target so much that your peripheral vision is skewed. For instance, say you’ve had this particular dream all of your life, and you’ve put all of your time and energy into pursuing it. Then life happens forcing you to change your plans. Instinctively, you want to fight it because you don’t want your initial pursuit to be in vain. However, instead of fighting it, perhaps you should just flow with the change.

Suppose God wanted you to discover a gift that’s been inside you all along and take you down a different path? You shouldn’t you just write it off because you’re focusing on accomplishing what you initially set out to do. Further, suppose in some shape or form He uses that recently discovered gift to build a platform for what you were originally setting out to do? And even better, suppose He uses that recently discovered gift to be the very thing that distinguishes you in your field, perhaps drawing even more success to your original career path?

God is not in a box. He’s not limited to our miniscule way of thinking, nor our miniature plans and curriculum. Don’t be so bent on accomplishing one goal a certain way if God could be taking you down another route. He may not necessarily want you to give up on your initial goal, but He may paint a different picture as to how you reach it. Let Him write out the story to your dreams. It may be hard to come to grips with initially because the things happening around you may not be anywhere near what you envisioned. However, He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ask or think, and because of that promise, we should let His hand be the hand that guides us.

Awaken the Gift

I sit and stare at a blank screen attempting to type up yet another blog post. As life would have it, I hadn’t had a chance to prepare in advance like I had done previously. However, I had a deadline that I wanted to make—the usual deadline I’d given myself to post. But, then it hits me. You can’t rush good work. Oh, the woes of a writer! Whoa, I just referred to myself as a writer for the first time. That was weird. But maybe it doesn’t have to be weird. Perhaps, I can get used to that title. Perhaps, I should embrace it. Maybe God is calling me to write more. Maybe he is expanding my purpose.

What I mean by “expanding my purpose” is what I initially thought I’d do in life was in a nice, crisp box. Maybe God wants to unfold the closed edges of that box and awaken the gifts inside, gifts that I didn’t even know I had. They are gifts that are so huge, so brilliant, and so vibrant that they cannot be contained in some mediocre, plain-ole, dull-colored box. Or maybe God is not expanding my purpose at all. Maybe I am just beginning to see my purpose with fresh eyes . . . . We’ll see.


Food for thought: What traits, talents, or skills have you brushed aside as just “a thing” and didn’t view as something to be nurtured? What gifts have you been toying around with and have yet to take seriously and explore? What ideas has God dropped inside of you that are just waiting to come into fruition?