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Awesome Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

You might not officially have a month off work in order to commemorate this special time of year, but there’s plenty to do in celebration of Black History Month.

  • Search for the hidden gems in your community by paying a visit to a local black-owned business.
  • If you’re a music lover, diversify your playlist with the jewels of black artistry. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:
    • Listen to the bluesy songs of Ettta James and Ray Charles.
    • Uplift your spirit with the angelic vocals of CeCe Winans.
    • Hum along to the country tunes of Darius Rucker.
    • Relax to the smooth sounds of Leslie Odom Jr. and Miles Davis.
    • Kick back to the soulful harmonies of Jill Scott, Jazmine Sullivan, and H.E.R.
    • Dance to the up-tempo masterpieces of Michael and Janet Jackson.
    • Fall into nostalgia or experience something new vibing to the hip-hop tracks of artists spanning from Eric B. & Rakim to Lecrae.

(As you can tell, I’m definitely a music lover.)

  • Watch a film about a black, historical figure or Binge watch a new series with a majority black cast. There’s even cool shows for the kiddos to watch, like the Netflix Series “Motown Magic.”
  • Cozy up with hot tea and a warm blanket while reading an inspiring book from a black author. Upgrade your Must-Read list with favorites like Becoming by Michelle Obama, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, and Make Room: Finding Where Faith Fits by Jonathan McReynolds.

For even more ideas, click here!

Happy Black History Month!

5 Myths Associated With Black History Month

(1) It’s only for black American people.

Black history Month is a derivative of Carter G. Woodson’s Negro History Week, which was created in order to reflect on the many contributions of African Americans to society. Black history is very important to core of America. Note the following: “[B]ecause our history is American history, erasing the contributions of black Americans makes it impossible to accurately tell the story of this country.”  -This is a quote by Taryn Finley, editor of HuffPost Black Voices, in this Huffington Post article.

Not only is black history American history, but it is also world history. People of African descent have made contributions across the globe, and countries all over the world are beginning to fall in line by providing recognition.

Black history is the ebony thread woven throughout the tapestry of humanity’s past. It is beautiful, yet distinctive. It reveals the essence of who we are as a society and what we’ve accomplished. We all should want to embrace the fullness of history.

(2) Black History started with slavery.

So much black history pre-exists slavery. If you think slavery is the beginning, then you’re doing yourself (and others) a disservice.

(3) Recognizing “Black” History Month is divisive and racist.

Short answer: No, it’s not. For years, textbooks have glossed over the brutal truth about the treatment of blacks in America. Furthermore, recognition for contributions by African Americans was usually “decades late and a reparation short.” In 2019, we can recognize the plight of African Americans  and we can appreciate the beauty of diversity. The two do not have to be mutually exclusive.

For a more in-depth answer, read a full article on why Black History Month Isn’t Racist.

(4) I’m black so . . . I already know enough about black history.

No matter who you are, there’s always more to learn! Go forth and explore the untold stories.  Read about the unsung heroes.  There’s so much history that is waiting to be discovered, and there’s also the history that is being made right now. The study of black history is never ending!

(5) There’s no actual way to celebrate Black History Month.

Are you kidding? There are a ton of ways to celebrate. Check out these links for fresh ideas:

Happy Black History Month!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts to get the Struggling Millennial

As youngsters, many of us never realized how difficult adulting would be because the Baby Boomer generation made it look so easy. After approaching many adulting hurdles in my own life, I’ve created a list of useful Christmas gifts that would make this adulting thing easier for the average millennial.


1. Offer to pay a bill. Now before you go on your rant about entitlement, let me explain why this is a nice gesture. If you’re of the older generation, then you should remember how tough it was for you in your young adult years. You tried to create some stability for yourself and become your own person. While you may have struggled to pull it together, getting a little help during that struggle was like a breath of fresh air. Because millennials are facing the pressures of debt unlike any other generation before them, helping to relieve some of that pressure is a big deal. I am in no way saying to begin taking on all of your loved one’s expenses to the point of enablement. I’m just saying that it’s an awesome Christmas gift that suggests, “Hey, I see you’re working hard. Good on ya.”


1.5. Pay something on their loan interest. Now this suggestion is if you’re feeling         EXTREMELY generous. Because the interest rate percentages appear to be steadily increasing, it can be financially burdensome on the student borrower. Any relief of that burden is greatly appreciated.


2.  Treat them to a spa day. I know what you’re thinking. “Hey, I’m the one who could use a spa day.” True. Here’s the thing. Everyone deserves some relaxation time after much hard work, don’t you think? Just think of how much sunshine you could bring to a millennial’s life with a spa day. A nice Swedish massage is perfect for relieving those tense shoulders that spent the majority of the year hunched over a textbook. A facial can help clear some of that adult, stress acne. A pedicure can turn those unsupported arches into instant happy feet after trekked around campus for an entire semester. And if you want to spend time with that loved one, the spa may even provide a two-for-one discount so you could get in on the action. How’s that for a deal!


3.  Create a nice care package. Millennial loved one can’t make it home for the holidays? How about putting together a nice box of elements you know they’ll love in order to remind them of home. The elements of the package need not be expensive, they need only contain the elements of your loved one’s personality. For the movie lover, buy a super-soft throw blanket, some popcorn, and a few new releases from their favorite genre. For the music lover, buy memorabilia of their favorite musical artist/band and offer to pay the subscription for a streaming music service. For the makeup lover, head over to your nearby make up store and ask the sells rep what is the hot makeup item for this year. (Note: if you don’t want to risk getting the wrong thing, purchase a gift card from a makeup chain like Ulta, Sephora or Mac. You won’t have to go through the hassle of figuring out their shade or taste. Plus, they could order online if there isn’t a store located near them.) Still not sure what gifts your millennial loved one could use? Keep reading!


4.  Practicality is the way to go. When in doubt, be practical. This is perfect if you’re pressed for time but you want to be sure to get your loved one something useful. Young adults won’t despise you for getting them things that they need but don’t necessarily want to spend their own money on. Gift cards for things like gas, groceries, or even coffee can go a long way.


5.  Money, money, money, money . . .MONEY! (<- I just wanted to quote the O’jays. You’re welcome.) If you don’t want the hassle of figuring out what to get them or pinpointing exactly what they need money put towards, just give the money to them. However, should you select this option, keep in mind that you shouldn’t micromanage how they should spend it. After all, if you’re giving the gift of money, let the receiver decide what to spend it on. Whether they want to take care of some responsibilities and adult some more, or whether they just want to use it as an opportunity to have fun, let the individual decide what he/she wants to do with the money.


Hope these tips help you to finish tackling that Christmas list. As for my family members and friends reading this who may still be struggling as to what to get me, please review the former six paragraphs.  🙂