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Goldilocks and Zero Cares

Do you all remember the story, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”? It’s an old fairytale where a girl comes across a house in the woods and decides to try out the food and furniture of the family who lives there. However, in a stunning turn of events, the family is not present while Goldilocks decides to trespass on the premises. Still, the family’s vacancy does not prevent little Miss Goldie from frolicking about the estate.

One of the first things that Goldie stumbles upon is a table with three bowls of untouched porridge. (As a child, I always translated porridge to oatmeal in my mind, thus making the story easier to digest . . . no pun intended.) Although Goldie was not in her own home, she decided to partake in a tasting adventure. She tasted some from each bowl, and then proceeded to give her commentary on the quality of the dish as if she was a judge on the hit show, “Masterchef.” She tried the first dish and exclaimed, “This porridge is too hot!” (Go figure Goldie! That is why it was probably sitting there untouched in the first place.) She tried the second dish and said, “This porridge is too cold!” (This is quite alarming considering that all three dishes were likely cooked at the same time. Bet you never thought of that before. I know I probably just blew your mind, but I digress. Let’s move on.) She tried the third dish and with the kind of satisfaction that Mick Jagger would totally envy she stated, “This one is JUST right.”

I know you must be thinking, “Wait, is this blogger really about to go through this entire story while adding her colorful commentary?” You’d love that wouldn’t ya? Well, I’m sorry. Hate to burst your bubble, but I do have a point folks. As this scene from the fairytale came across my mind the other day, I had an “Aha!” moment. Our gifts are like bowls of porridge and society is like Goldilocks. (At this point, I sense the confusion on your face, but stay with me.) Each of us has gifts. Some of us share similar gifts. For example, multiple people have the gift of singing. Multiple people have the gift of writing. Multiple people have the gift of drawing, and so forth and so on. However, even if multiple people have similar gifts, the presentation is different because the people are different. When society experiences our gifts, society’s view will vary because of those differences.

Think of your gifts right now. Whatever those gifts may be, think about any negative criticism that you’ve gotten about it. (By negative criticism, I’m not referring constructive criticism. I’m referring to criticism that is just purely negative.) Now if someone disliked some project you worked on for no other reason except that it just wasn’t their taste, then I want to give you these comforting words. It’s okay. You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, i.e. bowl of porridge, even if you’re walking into your gift. We’re all different and thus we’re drawn to each other’s talents and gifts (or not) for different reasons. Further, it is because of those differences that we can boldly walk into our own individual callings that were crafted especially for each of us. There is something special about you that cannot be replicated by anyone else.

Now to some, your gift may be overwhelming and just too much for some people to bear. To others, your gift may be underwhelming, leaving a few people unimpressed with your great effort. BUT . . . there will be lives that you could touch that would otherwise be unreachable to the rest of the world. Continue to walk into your individual calling. Embrace your unique abilities. To the negative Goldilocks-like people of the world, continue to give zero cares. You may not be everybody’s bowl of porridge, but for some, your gift will be “JUST RIGHT.”  🙂


Focus = Faith in Action

Remember that blog post that I told you all that God was my inspiration? Yeah, well that’s still true, but it’s not as simple as I implied. When I’m writing, I still look to God to get my creative juices flowing; however, the problem lies in my human nature. With God being my inspiration behind my writing, it causes me to look outward—beyond myself in order to spark my creativity. Nonetheless, my human nature causes me to look towards self, which in turn squelches my creativity. It is human nature to doubt oneself.

Over the past week, I struggled with loading a blog post because I was overanalyzing everything. While going about my daily activities, I didn’t have any post ideas that came to mind. Thus, I rarely sat down in front of my laptop to type up anything because I figured, “Well, maybe I don’t have anything to talk about this week. I can’t think of anything to write about while picking up my groceries, so it must be writer’s block that’s causing me to draw this blank.” Truth is I never even gave it a chance. The time that I did sit down in front of my laptop wasn’t long at all. Plus, my laptop may have been there, but my mind wasn’t.

There’s always this nagging fear in the back of my mind like, “Oh no, why did I start this blog? What if I run out of things to talk about?!” Again, this is me overanalyzing, limiting my talent to my mere human ability. Nevertheless, I’ve been learning that I have to be intentional about adjusting my focus—my focus towards God since He’s the one who prepared me to walk into that creativity. Being intentional about maintaining my focus requires faith in action. My faith—God will lead and guide me on what to post about. My action—sit in front of that laptop or with that notebook and pen and trust that God will inspire me. What good is it if I believe that God will give me the words to write in my heart, but I never take the time to spend with God to be inspired nor do I even open my laptop allowing Him to speak to me in that moment?

God is gracious, so yes, sometimes He will kindly drop something in my heart while I’m doing a monotonous task like grocery shopping. Other times, He requires some effort on my part—not effort in the sense of “I have to work in order to earn God’s blessings of ideas,” rather effort of applying faith, which He is the giver of anyway. (How awesome is that ?) My faith in action is me showing God, “Hey, I’m ready, willing, and able to be a vessel for you. Speak through me.” It’s sort of like someone giving you a gift. No, you didn’t earn it because it was a gift, but you still have to unwrap the gift to see what’s in it. (Do you really consider unwrapping the gift as work? Come on now. You can’t seriously believe it does. If you do, then child labor laws should definitely come into play the next time Christmas comes around.)

It’s a constant fight between fleshly desires and spirituality.  My flesh wants to write something that impresses the people, but the reality is that I’m performing for an audience of One. The residual effect is people being encouraged and inspired by my writing. What’s the moral of this story? I must get out of my own way and I must apply my faith. I will not allow my gift of writing to be limited to my mere human ability when it was God who gave it to me in the first place. I shall turn to Him.

Awaken the Gift

I sit and stare at a blank screen attempting to type up yet another blog post. As life would have it, I hadn’t had a chance to prepare in advance like I had done previously. However, I had a deadline that I wanted to make—the usual deadline I’d given myself to post. But, then it hits me. You can’t rush good work. Oh, the woes of a writer! Whoa, I just referred to myself as a writer for the first time. That was weird. But maybe it doesn’t have to be weird. Perhaps, I can get used to that title. Perhaps, I should embrace it. Maybe God is calling me to write more. Maybe he is expanding my purpose.

What I mean by “expanding my purpose” is what I initially thought I’d do in life was in a nice, crisp box. Maybe God wants to unfold the closed edges of that box and awaken the gifts inside, gifts that I didn’t even know I had. They are gifts that are so huge, so brilliant, and so vibrant that they cannot be contained in some mediocre, plain-ole, dull-colored box. Or maybe God is not expanding my purpose at all. Maybe I am just beginning to see my purpose with fresh eyes . . . . We’ll see.


Food for thought: What traits, talents, or skills have you brushed aside as just “a thing” and didn’t view as something to be nurtured? What gifts have you been toying around with and have yet to take seriously and explore? What ideas has God dropped inside of you that are just waiting to come into fruition?